gD0rk – Google Hack Database Dork Automatic Tool

gD0rk – Google Hack Database Dork Automatic Tool. gD0rk is a free and open source scanner. Evolved from Google search engine, it has adapted several new features that improve fuctionality and usability. It is mostly experimental software. The GHDB is an index of search queries (we call them dorks) used to find publicly available information, intended for pentesters and security researchers.


Clone the repository:

$ git clone

Then go inside:

$ cd gD0rk

And install it with composer:

$ composer install

Recommended PHP Version:

gD0rk required PHP 5+, and currently tested on PHP 7.0.23-1 (CLI).


$ php gd0rk.php -d "inurl:index.php?id= ext:php" -p ""


-d DORK DORK for searching.

Optional arguments:

-h, --help print this help.
-p PROXY surf with PROXY.
-o FILE log results to FILE.
-v, --verbose shows details about the results of surfing.

Help & Bugs

If you are still confused or found a bug, please open the issue. All bug reports are appreciated, some features have not been tested yet due to lack of free time.


gD0rk is licensed under the MIT. Take a look at the LICENSE for more information.


Current version is 1.0 (experimental) and still development.


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